Patrick Chung's indictment adds to the Patriots' tarnished image – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the charges against Patriots safety Patrick Chung add to New England’s tarnished image, but it doesn’t matter because the Pats keep winning Super Bowls.

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  1. Pats are crooked and high. They are juiced and cheat to win. There is no way Bellicheat can do what he’s done legally. Taking players who are way less talented and underpaid to victory in all the Super Bowls. Even the owner was arrested. Come on patriot bandwagon fans. Grow up. Most patriot fans didnt know anything about the NFL until they started cheating and winning.

  2. If Patrick Chung transgressed, the transgression belongs to him and him only. The New England Patriots organization, had no hands in it. Don't forget that Mr. Chung is innocent until proved guilty, in a court of law.

  3. When your constantly winning your always in the headlines and the microscope is always on you. Hence more things come to light because more eyes are on you

  4. Every other god damn player in the 80s and 90s was on coke or some shit. They cut Hernandez soon as the shit came out about him. Didn't even wait for the courts. So what their image is tarnished cause some douche reporter named Tomase from the Boston Herald came out with a false story about filming walk throughs. It took ESPN years to apologize for running that story after it was proven false. ESPN has no room to lecture the Pats about a tarnished image.

  5. guilty by media fake news….. facts are not needed?.. media made up "Gates" for ratings and tarnished Patriots.. lol patriots video team in wrong area.. deflation happens with the changes in temperature and rich man gets BJ…… like most males experience in this country and espn SAS claims the Pats illegally won championships and image tarnished? lmao.. only hypocritical haters would agree… period

  6. He will beat the case. I had a similar thing happen to me and I was broke and had a good lawyer and my case was dismissed. I wasn't home beat the case only difference is that my door was kicked in

  7. "Tarnish"

    An organization that wins like they do, that does all the right things, that has players who have been upstanding members of the community and other such accolades on and off the field, these singular instances do not tarnish. They fall on the individual. Your team becomes tarnished when it happens on a regular basis or over a long period of medicore to lackluster performance.
    Take the Steelers with their countless off field issues and spineless ownership, coaching, and terrible play calling in key situations. The "Three B's" were and are completely tarnished by the combined idiotic antics of Le'veon and Antonio as well as Ben to a lesser extent. The Steel Curtain in the 70's and 80's were a period of rampant, blatant steroid use.

    The Browns. Need I say more?

    The Cowboys? A shit show with one of the scummiest owners on this earth. Personally feel he's the sporting world's anti-christ. Numerous scandals associated with player discipline, signing players with known issues, playing moneyball instead of football, the list goes on.

    My point is there's other teams with storied histories who are, compared to the Patriot's legacy, tarnished but ignored.


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