Passive Aggressive Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner is all fun and games until it’s time to go around the table and talk about what you’re grateful for. Lilly and her Indian family can’t help but take passive aggressive jabs at each other. The turkey is dry and the feelings are hurt.

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  1. Ok so either I really need to keep up with the channel cause I'm the only one who didn't know this or am I the only one who realized that she changed her channel name to Lilly Singh and is no longer iisuperwomanii

  2. In my country we don't have thanksgiving, but we do have an annual christmas family dinner..
    First hour: everybody talks about boring things everybody else already knows and then they get upset when getting called out for it.
    Second hour: The arrival of the one 'family member' who isn't actually in the family but just comes around to annoy some people but nobody has the heart to tell them to get out although it is what everyone's thinking. Also we have an awkward silence and then my dad starts picking fights with everyone and it's just chaos. Me and my cousin just go outside lighting some fireworks almost setting my auntie's car on fire yay
    Third hour: The arguement about what we should eat for dinner. In the end it is always chinese food but the 30 minute arguement gives me and my cousin plenty of time to snatch the chocolate ice cream cake out of the fridge and make the cat look guilty. This is followed by the awkward silence while waiting for the food, this is also known as the time me and my cousin give up sitting next to several people we don't like and just go upstairs eating the cake.
    When the food arrives we just eat, we discover that the cat got rid of the cake so we have some leftover ice cream and yoghurt instead, and then everybody goes outside complimenting eachothers cars for 45 minutes straight and then everyone just leaves, including my parents who forgot I existed so I have to stay with my cousin and aunt for the day.

  3. I am thankful that my parents didnt let me talk to boys until I'm 25!
    I can relate to this i asked my parents what they would do if i dated someone and they said i could start dating at 25. They got married at 25 and their indian.


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