Parkland Student Goes At It With Fox Host! | TMZ TV

David Hogg and Laura Ingraham are in a full blown Twitter war.


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  1. David hogg is a fake it’s crazy how after a school shooting a teen that probly did drugs comes out a shooting knowing everything before the shoot schooling this kid knew nothing it’s all fake for the own agendas

  2. If the best you can do is call someone a bully, maybe you should take some advice and go back to school, stay out of politics. In fact, come to think about it, the more it becomes about you the better they like it. You need to recognize what you are really up against, and that comes with experience. Here is some advice, read the Second Amendment, and you will notice something very strange, very very strange. But not about the Second Amendment. What is strange is we never talk about the first part of it. WHAT DOES THE FIRST PART OF IT REALLY MEAN?

  3. David Hogg, The Modern Day Hitler! Nothing else needed to be said about this lost soul! He is pure Toxic, all the way through. Welcome to the "Real World", now it's time for little Hogg to crawl back in his "safe space". If you can't handle the "heat", stay out of the debate HoggFlake!✌

    PS: Guns are not the problem, snowflakes like mini hilter are the Real Problem! They can't handle life because their Godless, and soulless!✌

  4. The kid wasn't even at the school when the shooting happend. He rode his bike 3 miles when he heard on the news of the shooting. Are you people really this retarded.!

  5. David's reddit account is reveals a completely different persona than who he attempts to be on TV. Look up DavisGreen111 on reddit and see who he really is. I have a video going over his reddit comments if you don't want to search through his account.

  6. Hogg is "making changes?" Yea, NRA membership has gone up! FedEx, after refusing to dissociate with the NRA at Hogg's insistence, has seen their stocks go up. The anti-gun movement is looking more and more ridiculous. People are questioning the shooting narrative since Hogg can't keep his story straight (was he or was he not at school that day?), and the Democrats, by celebrating this little neo-fascist brat, will probably suffer big time during the midterm elections. Good changes!!! Keep it up, Hog! 🙂

  7. A Social Sciences Professor and a large group of her students conducted a Poll during this Washington "March for our lives".The same activists who organized and funded the "Women's March", organized and funded this as well. The Poll found that only 8% of the participants at the March were actually there to support that agenda. Some came to support women's issues, some even came for the free music, as many famous musicians/ vocalists were there. As with the Women's March, there were no conservative or libertarian views allowed to be voiced.

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