PARKER TRAINER BARRY KEEPS IT 100 ON ANTHONY JOSHUA ANALYSIS; REVEALS FINAL PREPARATION PLANS was on hand in England where undefeated IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua and undefeated WBO heavyweight champion held the final press conference leading up to their highly-anticipated unification showdown. Check out the scene as those in attendance reacted to the face off and more.


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  1. bitchua will gas in this fight. If Joshua doesn't finish Parker and the judges arnt paid off by that faggot Eddie Hearn, Parker will easily win in points. and i will laugh out loud for 60 hours straight.

  2. Everyone is writing off Parker… this fight has a lot more to it than people think. Both men will refuse to fall to the canvas. It's going to take one hell of a punch to land for one of them to drop and a combo of shots for a tko to occur. Therefore good chance it goes to pts and a SD. It will go down as an absolute classic.

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