P0RN ECONOMICS (ft. P0rn Star Silvia Saige) (FULL EPISODE)

This week Andrew, Akaash, Kaz, are joined by special guest and porn star Silvia Saige to discuss: the real way porn stars make money, Kawhi going to LA, Andrew’s intern cumming in his shower, and much more!

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  1. For people wondering what askren said to masvidal. He said things along the line that Jorge was dumb, and also said that jorge was latino but was jealous of askren being white and wished he was white, also said ben couldnt speak english.

  2. It seemed like they were dicks to her a lot more than the last porn chick. Silvia was a good sport about it, but it seemed like they were asking her only condescending ass questions and shit like "Can you retire now?" None of them would ask this personal of a question about one's finances to anyone in any other profession. I like Schultz's comedy, don't get a big head bro.


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