“A STALLION on top of a stallion…Floyd Mayweather, you’re a show off,” wrote future Hall of Famer Floyd Mayweather, who has been active on social media showing off some of his most beautiful views as lives the life of TBE in retirement. Check it out!


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  1. Here's the thing I'm not hating on Floyd but he doesn't even have or didn't even make a billion dollars. He's not as big time as people think he blows his money. You might have made a couple hundred million but that's not going to last him his whole life spending like this everywhere he goes every day pain is Squad of bodyguards that's just totally unnecessary and everything else that he just spend his money on it's just not going to last in Forever at this rate. Think about it not even 1 billion was made. Billionaires their the rich ones he's trying to live like a billionaire he wants to be a billionaire he's just not not there and he's not ever going to be there if you spend his money like this everyday and everywhere he goes he can't save.

  2. Boring ass fuck. Go give money away to the homeless poor people in the world. You guys loook so bored. We poor people have much more fun in the hoods carne asada s fry fish and cocaine

  3. ***I appreciate Floyd being a self made black millionaire. Don't like him as a person, flaunting money. Grow up! See…it looks fly at the hotel and resort…impress me, when u can BUY that resort and not blink. If he bought it hed be broke…so you don't hv that much money bro. And he thinks these videos make people envy him….nope…we envy the money

  4. Dude your fukin off as hell. u talk about Floyd a wealth nonstop. who gives a fuk? we get it.. he's rich. big woopie doo. u act as if u have a freakin crush on him or something. be a man

  5. Money Mayweather, money on his mind, his mind on his Money. The only man alive that could go to the South Pole and Creat hot climate in winter. How u may ask the answer I At all times all places is Mayweather conditions. God is Great.

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