No Meme Left Behind – H3 Podcast #119

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  1. Congrats on the successful baby ejection! So a few weeks or months ago I watched a compilation of your podcast ghost stories and your (Ethan's) dad's story stuck with me about how he dreamed about a certain thing just for it to come true a short while later and it's safe to say that I dreamed of y'all delivering the baby like 2 (?) days ago and it appears my vision was right. I have a theory that we're all neurally connected in a vast neural network (animals, plants, even individual cells, anything with processing abilities) so I just may have received this information. Also just a few days back I dreamed of Dad and I finding a lost phone and two days later, Grandma called me and told me Dad lost his phone. Very neat.

  2. This might seem like a silly point, and I feel silly defending emojis of all things like there aren't bigger issues in the world to worry about but hear me out. This is my case for the inclusivity pack.
    My problem with your emoji skin tone complaint is that you say that the yellow toned people emoji is neutral, when in fact it isn't. It represents white people whether you want it to or not. The problem with the perception that white is the standard or "neutral" as you put it, is the explanation that people have used to only use white people in advertising, in movies, in music, in everything up until the late 20th century. Why use anything BUT white people to advertise or represent everyone since in your words white(or in this case) yellow is neutral? Why is it weird that people would like to see an emoji with their own skin colour? Or is it only weird to you because there's a need for other people to represent themselves as they are? I'm not white, and I wouldn't want to represent myself as such if given the option.

  3. I just wanted to comment on the thought that all religious people hate gay people.
    I'm a Christian, have been my entire life.
    Me, and all the other Christians I know do not hate gay people. While no, we generally don't like that being homosexual is a thing, we're super far from hating gay people.
    For example, I think we view them more like someone would view a child who is directly lying about something. Do you hate that child for lying? No. Are you sad that the child is choosing to lie? Yeah.
    Same thing when it comes to gay people. The stereotype comes from extreme dumbass Baptists who honestly shouldn't be out in public. It's unfair that whenever someone finds out I'm religious they think I hate gay people. Kinda pisses me off to be honest.


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