No Cap: My Mom Moved Me Out of the Hood But I Came Back to Make Money (Part 5)

Part 4:
Part 1:


In this clip, No Cap addressed the rumors of him signing to Atlantic Records and explained why he named his latest project “The Backend Child.” No Cap went on to discuss his vision for investing which he credits Nipsey Hussle with inspiring and talked of how he wants to be able to make sure his family is secure in any event.

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  1. I get where he's coming from. Every man has his own path to self discovery. Hopefully he grows and wise up before it's too late. Put your family and safety first always. Regardless of much love you have for your homies or your good. It's about longevity. He's a young dude, and just needs time and the experiences to grow up and see what really matters.

  2. Just by seeing the title, I'm just shaking my head. Niggaz like him make us black people look stupid. Nigga's own mom took him out the hood but he talking bout he came back just to make money off of drugs… OH BROTHERRRR


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