Ninja Leaves Twitch & TikTok Gives Me Nightmares – H3 Podcast #131

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  1. U sound so dumb when talking about visit sa and uae. In Dubai you get certain liberties the avg citizen doesn’t. They’re trying to become more accomodating there are Christian churches in the city.

    Oh and the robot flying taxi has been around a few years now. The only setback is they take several hours to charge for only about 15 mins of use. They’re single seat only.

  2. Honestly when I first saw Ian the intern I was shocked to see how much he resembled my boyfriend. Would definitely like to send pics to the podcast for comparison in finding Ian’s doppelgänger lol

  3. The ONLY candidate that’s genuine and isn’t about talking points is BERNIE.

    He’s the only one who has history behind him proving himself worthy.

    Bernie is THE only candidate who can get republicans on board with his plans.

    We as democrats need to unite behind ONE and only one person. If not Trump will definitely win again.

  4. Middle East : we are running out of oil!
    Middle East again : let's build a cringy ghetto Vegas in the middle of the desert!

    Everyone else : … Haven't you already done this before?…

  5. I love this show but the middle east part I was cringing cause I swear Americans never understand what's out of their immdieate fov. I know it's goofs and gaffs but I still couldnt shake the, damn I really hope they aren't serious abut this feeling.

  6. everything on mixer is just superior to twitch like dan said. the real difference will be on how they treat those little "incidents" on which the public reacts really heavily and ofc how they interact with and see their streamers


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