Nicki Minaj on Beats 1 [FULL INTERVIEW] | Apple Music

Nicki Minaj talks to Zane Lowe about her new singles “Chun-Li” and “Barbie Tingz,” Meek Mill, Cardi B and her favorite rappers on April 12, 2018. Listen to Nick Minaj’s new singles now on Apple Music: #NickiDay

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Nicki Minaj: ‘Chun-Li’ & ‘Barbie Tingz’ After Social Media Detox [FULL INTERVIEW] | Apple Music


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  1. Wow I respect this guy for breaking her out of her depression real quick and putting Wayne on the phone. If it was the breakfast club they would have ate her up and made her look bad

  2. GUYS!! This was an interview. This is what it is suppose to feel like when you do an interview. Not feeling nervous about what they are gonna ask you because you know some mess has happened, not getting too much in her business or her personal life . She addresses what she wanted to address. Not what he ambushed her into saying or react too. This dude is an incredible radio personality. I know she appreciated his humbleness and transparency in this interview. Great job Zane Lowe!!!

  3. First of all, love nicki forever (and cardi too like, WATCH them take a selfie soon lol) and she really does that british accent soooo well lol!

  4. I really like this interviewer. He's very professional, knows what to ask and when to ask it, and isn't forceful. And his tone is very appropriate. Feels more like two friends talking than an interviewer asking questions. Very nice interview

  5. Eyebrows poppin. Skin poppin. Face beat. She was a lil rude though, on her phone mad times during the interview while dude was talking. Also, she said Wayne is her ONLY boss. It seemed like a shot at Baby. Then he called in & she set that straight

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