Nick Cannon on How He Made His First Million, Why it Was His Worst Decision (Part 4)

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Part 1:
In this clip, Nick Cannon and DJ Vlad discuss establishing wealth and some of the constraints in place that make it difficult to accomplish. For Nick Cannon, property/land and gold are the only real assets which he invests. He talked about the banking system being based on debt and asks if the system crashed altogether, what would make many people wealthy?

Nick Cannon went on to talk about making his first million dollars, liquid, and how he actually hates the film that paid him his first $1M.


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  1. I got to meet Nick Cannon one day… I would love to work with or for Nick.. If you see this Nick hit me up please I rather work with someone who is smart and been though it all..

  2. Yo fuckouttahere with these millionaire worship stories. Tired of hearing about these so called self made bullshit testimonies like I can apply it to my life. Ya neva admit how people helped you or loaned you money.

  3. this is real shit from nick cannon!! Don’t chase money it don’t make you happy,…
    but coming from a nigga that’s actually broke right now it def sounds crazy & off da wall!!
    I’m Only 22 tho & always thinking long term 5/10 yrs from now so I won’t jus live 4 the moment!!
    Although I’m still tryna put in my 10,000 hours for my OWN craft/ passion which I’m still unsure of I jus kno I wanna be my Own boss/ CEO & help ppl with opportunities!!
    So yea bring da stress on bcuz I guarantee that stress is 100x better then being broke & “happy” which I still don’t kno how it’s possible to be both but w/e!!

  4. It's easy to say money ain't shit when you already got it… The average person ain't tryna here that… Just like a homeless panhandler don't wanna here me say $100 ain't nothing…

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