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All new episode with Evander Holyfield available now:

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  1. Hey y'all, please, please put these on YouTube. Don't use anything else for my content. Premium user and all that. Love Mike's message, and want to hear it, but won't travel to another platform. Highly recommend following Joe's lead and publishing on YouTube at the same time.

  2. Hope yall take note of other big podcasts and make sure to still release the full video on youtube a few days or weeks after its exclusive on whatever platform u guys sold it to for the time being. Some real gems especially for troubled male youth and youtube is the only place they will really come in contact with it.

    I understand they cut the check but we all know seconds after anything goes live its ripped and uploaded all across various platforms but most young men who need to hear this dont know how to circumvent these exclusive platforms so if its not on YT the message will be extremely diluted.

    There are 100s of millons of users out here that simply dont fuck with spotify/apple/podcastone at all and these brands are just trying to cling to the old way of things and own content on their own ad platforms.

    The real genius would be keeping it open, growing it, then charging them to run their iphone ads on it.

  3. That's some real sucka if it's not on YouTube ne more … smh … damn champ I've supported you thru it all I mean I'm 40 yrs old n been a fan since I was a kid n always took ur side no matter whatv… but this … this is some cold shit right here …. you telling me u ain't making enuff from ya chronic thatvu cant put out the podcast for free on youtube … smh …


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