Movie Trailer Expert Breaks Down 5 Trailer Styles | Vanity Fair

Movie trailer expert, Jessica Fox, deep dives into five movie trailer styles and explains what makes a trailer successful. Using movies like ‘Us,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘Little Women,’ ‘Sex and the City,’ and more, Jessica explains how narration, an established landscape, repetitive sound, and bumpers help convey an entire storyline in two minutes.

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Movie Trailer Expert Breaks Down 5 Trailer Styles | Vanity Fair

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  1. Now it all makes sense why these movie trailers give so much of the movie away. It's because it's a woman behind it giving out too much information like in real life when women talk way too much.

    Men know how to keep it cryptic and short while women want to spell everything out. Smh.

  2. The low angle shot you kept cutting to of her was really annoying. I think you maybe should have made it eye level and at an angle. Maybe pull the shot back a little? I dunno it just didn’t really fit for me

  3. Okay this is a very informative video but the idea of breaking movies into 5 parts just for mobile consumption is such a bad idea. There goes the structure of the movie… Why not make a mini-series instead???


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