Mom FLIPS OUT on Weed Smoking Son

This woman loses it after finding out her son smoked weed and got kicked out of school.
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  1. Give this young man some retribution!!! He has lived with these assholes his whole life. He can't speak his mind to them… BUT WE CAN!!! Make sure to be extra brutal/trolly to let these stuck up old turds know how they look and really are!!!

  2. Definitely clear that family has some abuse going on behind the curtains. If it's not physical, it's definitely verbal. You can hear it in their voices that they are controlling or abusive parents. Poor kid. Parents can't even take a joke. Imagine if it really happened that he failed. Holy crap. Those parents would have lost control. Hell, listen how they lost control of themselves over the phone to a stranger imagine what they'd say or do to their own kid who's afraid to talk. Things only were OK because none of it was true. If it was true you can bet that kid's life would have become an absolute living hell.


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