Mod Sun on Getting Sober, Dating Bella Thorne & Tana at the same time & more

Modsun gets super real about his turmoils and misadventures with addiction. Describes rock bottom and how he’s now in AA and happy to be alive.



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  1. 0:14 – Adam22 almost teared up watching Modsun's Youtube video about his drug abuse
    2:30 – Maintaining an image on social media
    3:34 – Getting addicted to coke after the first time trying it
    5:00 – Every artist feels like they need to be tortured
    8:10 – Hitting rock bottom
    9:50 – Not being a preacher for sobriety
    14:34 – Treating a music career as a job
    16:20 – Leaving room for miracles and no trying to control everything
    22:11 – Walking up and down sunset strip for hours with Sunset Jesus
    23:00 – The moment Modsun decided to become sober
    27:41 – Dying young being romanticized
    29:00 – Symptoms of sobriety after years of abuse
    31:32 – Being introduced to lean
    34:34 – Modsuns relationship with Bella Thorne
    37:27 – Becoming a "famewhore"
    38:58 – Dating Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau at the same time
    40:14 – Beginning of the feud with Bella Thorne
    41:38 – Modsun not liking Tana at first
    46:35 – Modsun falling in love with Tana Mongeau
    47:55 – Tana Tana Mongeau not wanting to sign any music contracts
    54:04 – Modsun on changing his lifestyle
    57:06 – The first No Jumper Modsun interview
    1:00:10 – The support of people looking forward to Modsun's sobriety
    1:05:32 – Is Modsun still dating a Clermont twin
    1:06:46 – Do not shoot porno with a phone
    1:10:00 – Adam and Modsun on reading all comments

  2. yo Mod that interview was really interesting, I had seen a thing about you a few years back but never really heard much of your music but I was aware ofyou previous to this interview, It was really interesting to listen to you be so honest about things, respect for that, and also, things will get better with the cravings, over time they will get easier, thanks for being so honest, you look great and sound really mentally clear, I think your future is going to be amazing, so keep your head up.

  3. I'm one of those people! I was addicted to heroin for 10 years, went to prison for 2 years, I'm now clean, been clean for three years, and I have my own channel talking about my personal experience with female prison, and my addiction! Y'all should check it out!

  4. I love mod sun so much I love how self aware he is and how deep his soul is!!! I really hope he never goes back to drugs bc hes sooo much better than that and can do sooo much good in this world!!!

  5. I’ve been watching no jumper for a few weeks now & this one made me subscribe, I’m not familiar with modsun or his music but I’m happy for him, looked up his music & I really like it. He gained a fan. Really hope he can keep this mindset ❤️

  6. I remeber when Modsun, G-Eazy, and T-mills were all on the come up playing at Van Warped Tour. At the time I thought T-mills was gonna be the one to make it and that G-Eazy would never make it cuz he reminded me of all the other popular prep kid college rappers so shit was corny plus Eazy had a boring ass personality only popular cuz he good looking. Mod and Tmills tho were always super hyped and had that "it" factor getting interviewed all the fucking time. I feel like Tmillz and Modsun had came up during the soundcloud era they'd had gotten big.

  7. I fucking loved this. I watch your podcast when i know who your interveiwing.. Ive know of modsun just because of bella and tana. Im a bug youtuber watcher. But i feel in love with how real and open he is about this.. Which needs to happen more often! Tha ks for this whole thing man.

  8. 32:32 "His heart just forgot to stop working…" He seems to mean well, but he has no fucking clue what he's talking about and clearly wasn't much of a physically-dependent addict but moreso a partier so of course he's getting past it smoothly…


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