FightHype.com was on hand in New York where heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. and former champion Anthony Joshua made the second stop on their 3-country press tour to promote their highly-anticipated December 7 rematch in Saudi Arabia. You don’t want to miss what those in attendance had to say about the fight and much more. Check it out!

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  1. Fuk! I like that guy…tried not to but it's not his boxing bcuz I haven't seen enough of his fights, but as a human being…I think highly of him, I think Joshua will win, but if he doesn't Andy Ruiz will do well big or small because he has a good heart and great personality. (Issachar)

  2. Ruiz is a better fighter than A.J.if a person understand the sweet science…AJ is a one trick pony…Ruiz got knocked down pulling straight back.He made an adjustment , stood his ground..and. decided to catch & shoot

  3. Andy made very good points….one that kept me thinking and I think he is right is that AJ might be feeling pressure from Hearns and others that had nothing to do with boxing, which is why he lost.

    I really like Andy but I think AJ is a better fighter and better athlete too. But what the hell it is his job to prove people like me that he is a true champion and he won because he is the best

  4. I'm Mexican American Born in Los Angeles ca. I'm a new Ruiz fan, but why is he only Rocking Mexico while Living the Good life in the United STATES of America. At least rock the USA and Mexico Flag like Tito ortiz and Fernando Vargas . Respect for Both Countries

  5. How are you the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world and yet you were born and raised in America. This dude a millionaire now and has to chance to get up and go buy a big ol house in mexico but still he decides to live in America. This dude a clown

  6. Man ruiz is gonna open up another can of whoop ass on ajs behind aj dont know when to walk away after he quit sorry ass beanstalk dont deserve a rematch at all ruiz is gonna open a debute on his tight muscular ass again watch.. I fucking hate ajs ass for loosing


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