MJ is the GOAT over LeBron, would average 50 points if he played today – Dennis Rodman | First Take

Dennis Rodman doesn’t understand why the GOAT debate is even a discussion, as he tabs Michael Jordan as the best to ever play in the NBA, with LeBron James and Kobe Bryant not far behind.
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  1. Just saying if lebron could handcheck he'd be so much better on defense but if he tries to play actual defense he'd likely kill half the nba like curry isn't strong enough to compete with lebron if he could play real defense like the bulls and pistons did in the golden age

  2. Dennis is absolutely right about this, Nowadays players is like MONEY first CHIPS second. 160 million dollars in 5 years!! Dude they won't even be mad even if they don't win any chip for the next ten years man. Offer a Top Tier player 5 million dollars for 5 years and you see if they start searching for new contracts.

    P.S everyone know Dennis saying MJ would avg 50 is actually just a figure of speech right?

  3. Ok. MJ would avg 50 (don't agree but lets just say he would). He AIN'T WINNIN SHIT playin the way yall played back in the day with all the talent these teams have in the NBA today. For example LeBron avgs in 2018 finals were 34/9/10/1/1 on 52%FG, 33% 3PT, 84% FT and he got fucking swept vs the warriors. Do you even realize how hard it would be for those 80s and 90s players to keep up with these guys just running tracks around the basketball court especially a team like the warriors. You have to out run them to beat them and I don't think that any team in the history of the nba would be able to beat a healthy warriors team in a 7 game series. So all that he would kill and killer mentality don't mean shit when you got those boys just shooting over your killer instinct. You can take this to the bank cause everybody who play ball should know where I am coming from

  4. Rodman played with Dumars and Zeke… Scottie and Michael. And played against Bird, McHale, Magic… This man guarded Shaq 1 on 1 when Shaq was Shaq Fu. This dude knows what he's talking about.

  5. I said MJ would average 60 because nobody plays defense except a few players he's unguardable and there's no dominant big men in this era that really stats and plays the post and guards the post do MJ would dominate

  6. Different eras, each have a goat. But the reason Jordan would be the greatest, is the simple fact the way the game is played today, is weak and for lebron to go up against the Detroit bad boys would be a major issue in his career, not to mention running into the celtics with bird or Utah with the mail man. We would hear about lebron being bumped and bruised every game

  7. I hate how people always compare these two legends, They're both fantastic players with great capabilities and stand out in their own compartments. They come from different era's, different players played with or against them. Just let them be the Greats that they are

  8. It's too latefor lebron. His legacy is of a immense failure in the finals. Meanwhile, jordan is just eternally floating around with a 6-0 UNDEFEATED finals record. Jordan's career was so pretty, so smooth. Lebron's is just so ugly and rocky with switching teams like a whore, losing so much.

  9. Funny thing about it is even tho bron has all this talent and whatever, his 3 rings doesn't trump Rodman's 5. Nobody can say Rodman wasn't a major piece to all of his championship teams. He has heart and ability. Something bron hasn't seemed to be able to put together as of yet. Back in the days of real basketball, they just played with what the management put out there. Bron has tarnished his reputation begging for other superstars to help him win. That's why he wont win anything else because only soft cats relate to that kind of mentality.

  10. Too many of these old heads love to suck MJ’s dick. MJ will be good but he won’t average 50 points. Our era is filled with elite athletes, with high skill levels physically machines and durable. Don’t compare them to the plumbers and accountants in MJ’s era.


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