Michael B. Jordan Dodges Relationship Questions, Talks Life Post-Black Panther + More

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  1. I Don't Understand Why He Dodged The Question About His Relationship Status. If You Dating You Dating, and If You Not You Not. It's Cool. Just Answer The Question Yes or No, and Then Say I Would Rather Not Discuss Who I'm Dating At The Moment and Move On. Unless He Just Isn't Sure Where It's Going and Wants To Keep It Quiet Until He's Sure. Or, Because He Doesn't Want Whomever He's With To Not Have To Deal With The Paparazzi Be All Up In They Business. Then That's Understandable Too.

  2. I will forever side-eye these successful Black men who insist on being with white women. I love him and his talent. Same with Childish Gambino. But the white woman thing takes these dudes down off the pedestal for me.

  3. I don’t know how MBJ doesn’t get tired with the same stupid questions in every interview. Why do you live with your parents? blah blah your muscles, blah blah why are you single?

  4. so this guy played a black hero and now he's has all these black kids to look up to that is a catastrophe he should not be interviewed by The Breakfast Club are no other club that black kids with idolizes dude I didn't know who he was but I did not watch Black Panther because the fact that black men are such a freaking sell out so I did not watch it he proved my point


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