Metta World Peace on Lance Stephenson’s matchup with LeBron in Rd. 1 of the playoffs | UNDISPUTED

Metta World Peace joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to talk LeBron James, Lance Stephenson and the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Will the Indiana Pacers upset the Cleveland Cavaliers?

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About Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED:
UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe,
and moderated by Joy Taylor on FS1. Every day, Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive,
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Metta World Peace on Lance Stephenson’s matchup with LeBron in Rd. 1 of the playoffs | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


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  1. The cavs looked and played pathetic. I just dont get whats wrong. The only good stretch they had this year was then ty lue missed those 10 games and they went 9-1. They suck. Lebron gotta stop passing. The help isnt there. Nobody on the team is capable of averaging 10 damn points a game. Id rather see him score 50 with no assists than get a triple double and lose. He made like 80 passes to get those 11 assists. The supporting cast just isnt there. Do what mj and kobe did, or get out of the goat conversation. This year defines it. No help at all so he gotta lead. Dont get me started with k love, we all know playoff k love is as good as kendrick perkins.

  2. Hope You LeBrick Fans Listening. Artest Probably The BADDEST Man Defensively Literally Said Only Person He HAD To Trash Trash To Was Black Mamba Cause If He Didn't Would " EAT YOU ALIVE" You 15yr Olds Hear That??!? GOAT

  3. Lance is a child in a man suit. He can’t match Lebron & just ball, so he plays these childish games to annoy him. Someone needs to change Lance’s diaper & then teach how to play ball like a man.

  4. While we can all like … love and admire whom we desire … I often wonder why SHANNON won't just bow down and worship LeBron … I do very much notice how the supposed best player on the planet … nor his coach could seem to figure out that the person that beat them yesterday was VICTOR OLIDEPO … and it just seems to me me that with the stakes as high as they are in a playoff game … I would make the adjustment and make my best player check their best player … if it were KOBE … the assignment would have been a done deal and end of discussion … the suppose to be best player on the planet was conspicuously absent in what should have been a step forward moment in a playoff game … ALL PLAYOFF games are critical 1 through 7 … because there is no tomorrow once you lose the series …

  5. It’s like you go to Ochocinco when he played in the NFL and told him “enough with the trash talk, you can’t do it today” you can’t do that, that was Chad Ochocinco. He even told you the plays sometimes, so he could still smoke you and trash talk, that was apart of his game. So I lance, what lance does it’s apart of his game. Lebron needs to come out aggressive in the beginning, make his presence felt, lead the 1st squad and the other stats will come where they need to be because you can’t be the best player in the world and hold back and expect these other guys to do something cause guess what, they didn’t. Look at Jeff Green, Kevin Love you know already is questionable on what Kevin is showing up, you don’t know. Just awful play, shouldn’t happen again if they want to get out of the 1st round.

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