Meek Mill To Be Released from Prison | TMZ Breaking

Meek Mill will be a free man! The Supreme Court of PA made the decision, overruling Judge Genece Brinkley. Judge Brinkley was severely criticized for what some say was a grudge against Meek and keeping him in prison, despite prosecutors asking that his conviction be overturned because of a dirty cop.

Harvey Levin breaks down the news.


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  1. Just found out MM was free lmao!!
    But I didn't find out in social media.. I found out BKZ I'm watching the NBA play offs
    And low and behold who walks in the Arena after Kenny,Shaq nem post game analysis mentioned he was on the way in a Helicopter

    Yep.. I guessed it the boi Meek Mills ahaha
    Good for you bro!! Fuck the White Man/White butch judge and his slave ass,dirty cop,dirty judge infested ass legal system faxx!!
    You better thank God TMH above for making you RICH.. BKZ had you been poor it would have been a done deal!! They would have locked my guy Meek up and threw away the fucking key more faxx
    But when you can HIRE/PAY high fee legal Attorneys and representation to DIG for the real TRUTH over the blatant LIES being told by the system.. You stand a 80/20 chance in being freed on God ijs tho
    Good to see they didn't take another good BM down smh.. There is a God who loves us BM tho the world and our own women,family's want the whole world to hate,jail,and rnslave us BKZ they JEALOUS of what te BM has,does,and preservers thru faxx + facts!!

    If I was Meek I would be gearing up to SUE that bitch/crooked judge and the city of Philly real rap.. If sue for 100 million in damages!! And I'd request a REMOVAL on the Judges certificate board!! 
    And see how that bitch like to be rail road-ed like they did his ass smh.. It's rare to never that you see a BM get justice and support approval from the Philly SUPREME COURTS!!
    They say they asses down when they said let him go bond free
    They know he can SUE the shit outta the city of Philly for millions.. Which is why they acted so expeditiously and demanded he be let go BAIL/BOND free more faxx ain't nobody dumb.. He has them by te balls and doesn't even know it lol.. But then again I'm sure his Attorneys let him know that he/Meek has the advantage now!!

  2. Now people outside the prison like he's Nelson Mandela or something, ok he got a tough sentence, but when ya dumb ass on probation you can't be doing WHEELIES ON MAIN STREET RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE ON VIDEO! USE COMMON SENSE

  3. People saying he was let out cause he's rich his net worth only 3 million. I think he was let out because treatment of african american men finally getting exposed like Starbuck incident where two blacks arrested for using bathroom. It was like yeah african americans not getting fair treatment by courts and judicial system so lets try to look good for once and let this one go too make judicial system look good. mind boggling

  4. Meeks first line on a track… “That judge was trynna play me, but they could never phase me, I told Omelly I’ll be back in the trenches in that Bentley, TH CHASERSSS” lmao

  5. Crazy!!! Last time looked a judge was not above the law, they just served it. It is crazy that these regular people have all this power to do whatever they choose just because they wear a robe. This is the problem with this country!!

  6. he's gonna end up in prison again some other stupid shit he'll do by the end of the year

    And DON'T play the race-card, the judge Genece E. Brinkley is a black woman!

  7. Nicki Minaj and the judge became friend and Nikki have something to do with it the judge feel some kind of way when they break into Nicki Minaj house in California the judge and Nikki camp tienken along that Meek Mill have something to do with it so that's why the judge is being so hard and Meek Mill because of Nicki this is another way that she use her power to mess this industry up and other artists facts read between the line she is the only one coming out supporting the judge because they have a sister band trust me

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