Meek Mill on Nicki Minaj Speaking on His Case: ‘I Wasn’t Feeling That’

Meek visited The Breakfast Club to discuss his case, Nicki’s recent comments, Drake and new music,

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  1. The thing is Envy whipped out a totally misleading quote, he said to Meek ‘Nicki said the judge did the right thing’

    Of course Meek will hear that, base anything he remembers off of what Envy said, then act puzzled as to why she’d say that.

  2. Nicki did the RIGHT thing! She didn't say anything incriminating. she just spoke on her POINT of view! She RODE for this man COUNTLESS amount of times. After he hung w/ the OPS, after he said petty shit about her brother in the public to HURT her, after he got her house ROBBED, after he lead the world to believe false things about her for months knowing it wasn't true, he let her be ostracized w/o stepping in to CLEAR her name. FUCK HIM!!! She owes him NOTHING more!!!!

  3. Meeks right…Nicki basically made Meek Mills legal team look dumb by saying "the judge did everything I asked her" lol this is why no one is fucking with Nicki anymore. Stop snitching. Stop acting hard then crying on interviews. Shes a pussy

  4. She was there for meek when he was in jail and when he got out. She was there when he got out on probation, and even helped him settle an agreement, and this what comes up? She don’t owe him shit, they broke up last year. She was even there fir him before he went to jail, y’all mad because?

  5. Couldn't find any better thumbnail? Complex is Trash…ill just leave my dislike and keep moving…wait on the thumbnail Meek is on the left but on the actual picture he is on the right? Lmao y'all even went as far as change the picture just to put him on the bad side and have him looking like he doing dumb shit in the club lmao y'all not slick man, this is a good example of how little worms think they're smarter than everyone else.

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