MAYWEATHER & BADOU JACK EXPLAIN WHY HE WON THE FIGHT; INSIST STEVENSON “SHOT HIS LOAD AND GOT TIRED” was on hand at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada where WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson and former world champion Badou Jack battled to a majority draw. Check out the scene immediately after the fight during the post-fight press conference.


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  1. Adonis won by a point. But it was fixed so Jack keeps his record. How many fucking draws is the guy going to have. Sick of Mayweather and his fucking bollox!!

  2. None of them were good this fight. I seriously fell asleep at round 8 or something. Was expecting so much more specially from Stevenson with that ko power. Lucky for me i streamed it for free.

  3. Fake superman needed to do more than holding in the final round. He must have had some kryptonite pussy the evening before, after the fifth round he was holding like he hadn’t seen him in years and in those years he missed him so. Shoot the fucking judges, Fuck it. Rematch Vegas – no disrespect but fuck Canada

  4. Floyd should change the face of Mayweather Promotions Jack isn't allowed to speak damn Floyd can separate himself from the boxing star and can't play his part as a promoter

  5. If he is complaining that he isn't getting the W because of Floyd, and Floyds knows this he should sit back and shut the F$$k up.
    Let Eddie Hearn promote these fighters

  6. Quebec canada in the house adonis won 40 years old but I news it I bet a draw and won easy money adonis won it clear look at the fight every body have seen just admit badoo suck cuz may weather is betting big money hello

  7. Yea, shot his load and you didnt finish him. Its your fault it was a draw. Rounds 9-12 you had him. But you didn't pull the trigger. Now look at you. Letting another man speak for ya. And you not beating the other champs. Over with…

  8. Floyd is TBE but got dam can you not make everything about yourself. He pimping his fighters cuz he treating them like one of his hoes lol. Grown ass men can’t even speak up for themselves.

  9. For everyone saying Adonis won't run it back is wrong, he's 40 he made the most money that night than he every did. So why not run it back for a double pay day. If he loses retire.

  10. Floyd gotta let his fighters speak for themselves….that shit aint coo Floyd….these are grown men that he's treating like children….come on Floyd you didn't let no on do you like that….he couldn't be my Promoter….

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