Max: Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram could be keys for Kawhi Leonard trade | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram could be keys for to make a Kawhi Leonard trade to the Los Angeles Lakers possible.

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  1. Lakers have been heckled , stifled and ran over for 8 straight years. Every team in the NBA had their time to shine and reign the league. Every team has been given the chance. NOW, IT IS TIME FOR THE LA LAKERS TO SHINE ONCE AGAIN! And there is nothing you haters can do about it. Watch it unravel as it unfolds!

  2. The elephant in the room is the Luol Deng deal, they need to dump that contract to afford all 3, they'll need to get rid of a young asset to rid that contract which then compromises what they can offer for Kawhi as well as what kind of supporting cast they can put around the big 3. I mean a team of
    Josh Hart

    Channing Frye
    Travis Wear
    Tyler Ennis
    Andre Ingram

    That team won't get it done against the Warriors

  3. No matter how badly Kawhi may want to be in LA, they won't get him in a trade unless they get other teams involved in it. The Spurs are a well-managed franchise and I doubt they'll take anything the Lakers can give them. They're more likely to be interested in a multi-team deal or a straight trade with another team that can offer them more than LA can. The Lakers would be much better off (and more likely to succeed) if they went after FAs like LeBron James, Paul George etc.

  4. Why trade the entire young core when we can get Kawhi for free next yr. Dont sign Paul George at max contract because hasn't proven to be a winner. If PG wants max money, sign Randle. LBJ and this young core can beat the Warriors, I'm the first to say it. Everybody take a picture of it. I see this young core come back even better next yr. But if we do have to get rid of somebody, trade Kuzma because he dont fit the culture Lakers trying to build.

  5. Spurs would be stupid to not take Ingram, kuz and Ball … a pick. only Boston can offer a better deal and they aren’t looking for a one yr rental

  6. If you think about it, this should be good news for Pop that Kawhi wants to leave to Lakers because Kuzma is a 6’9 power forward that can shoot his ass off and Ingram is a stud in his own right and we all know Pops coaching skills. You think Kawhi wouldve been this good not having Pop as a coach? 2 future healthy all stars for a player that missed a whole nba season because
    of 2 injuries? Easy math.

  7. Stephen A. Smith, it would so great if you are able to read this. You’re not the only one that has an opinion. Max was not over that place, you were just not listening. Stop acting like a grumpy ass mic hog.

  8. If spurs get Kuzma they will still be a good team. Think that team has become LaMarcus team. That team doesn't trust Kawhi anymore after what he has done. If Kawhi didn't like the doctors then all he had to do was say so but since he can't talk for himself and let his Uncle talk that became his biggest mistake having his Uncle in his ear.

  9. Why wood the Lakers trade away Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram and that young talented core over there when Leonard is a free agent next year And he wants to be in LA that makes no sense for them to treat for him when he is a free agent next year he’s willing to leave money on the table to come here the Lakers will be stupid to make a tray for him

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