Max Kellerman: ‘Hell yes’ Kawhi Leonard should get supermax contract from Spurs | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman says “hell yes” Kawhi Leonard should get the supermax contract from the San Antonio Spurs.

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  1. Hold up max stephen curry has took more 3 point shots in a season than any body in nba history and took over 200 more than the next person on the list so dont say he is unselfish

  2. Lol, who is that woman that they so obviously have on for the sake of having a female. She always gets shat on and shoved out of the way because she can never muster a interesting argument.
    This is what happens when you SJW any sex into somewhere their not meant to be.

  3. No he does not deserve a max contract at this point. If he bounces back and has a good season then yes give him 250 mil! But until then he is a huge question mark because he hasn't really played in over a year. He might not even be the same guy. Nobody knows right now. He was worth it 2 years ago but not right now! Wake up people action speaks louder than words and Kawhi ain't doin shit to prove his health.

  4. Stephen is another negro protecting the mythical liberal leader in Greg Pop…

    SAS knows damn well they were on some bitch shit for calling Leonard out on his name in the locker room. It was also some bitch shit for the coach to send them like his little puppets. I believe they were attempting to get him into a physical altercation.

    He should leave them.

  5. Molly makes this show nearly unwatchable with her pointless/annoying interruptions. ESPN we're giving you constructive criticism and you're not taking it smh…someone needs to tell her to shut up

  6. Only thing I would say is if kawhi still wasn’t healthy a full 12 months after his quad injury, will he ever recover fully? If I’m the spurs I’ll tell kawhi we’re with you, we want to you to stay and we will give you the supermax, IF you can play healthy and 100% until Christmas. Until kawhi plays a few months of basketball the spurs and himself cannot truly know if he is worth a max deal

  7. 2 words… Isaiah Thomas, when you got £219 million about to be put on the table you don't risk your health for nobody.
    If Kawhi had seriously injured himself in this season, do you think the Spurs would still offer him a max contract? Hell nah! #secure the bag.

  8. if sa pays him the max golden state will put a hitman on him and cost the spurs 219million dollors. they paid a scumbag to cripple lebran.poke his eyes out.with kuwat they sent zacha the scumbag 5 dollor hoe.

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