Max calls Ben Simmons the ‘best show in sports’ right now | First Take | ESPN

First Take’s Max Kellerman calls Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons the “best show in sports” right now.

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  1. Man the only person talking about how well miami played and how it’s very possible for them to win this series and giving them credit is Rachel Nicholls. Like damn the media helping me out w the odds Cos the heat were like 6 dollars to win the series after game 1 damn man

  2. All these flash in the pan pgs that can't shoot keep getting all the praise. Call me when he wins an unanimous MVP, or hits a shot to end one of the longest title droughts in sports history. Call me when his team is deemed "Show-Time."

    Like Wall and Russ, Ben is fun to watch, but not a guy you can rely on to carry you because the game always comes down to whom put more points on the board.

  3. This whole Ben Simmons talk is getting out of hand. Too much hype for a rookie who hasn't done shit. He can't shoot, and doesn't know how to win in big moments so he still has a long way to go. Take it easy media.

  4. James Harden had 44 Sunday and has figured out how to use the gather step to confuse analysts, refs, and the opposing team. Sorry Max, James Harden is the greatest show in sports right now.

  5. He could definitely be an exciting player like lebron if he would stop picking up his dribble and doing reset passes when they sag off of him and he sees they are denying him a driving lane. Like come on that is not that exciting for your primary ball handler to do so often. He will pass up wide open jump shots all the time, literally. Its annoying and lame. Take a shot for once and try to score a little more. Hes predictable, bland, and doesnt even actually bulldoze like lebron.

    I would honestly argue the exact opposite of this title lol. I dont even enjoy watching the sixers games. Fuck them and their fans. Id rather watch toronto and root for them to lose tbh.

  6. Yes, simmons cant shoot but damn is he fun to watch, he's a helluva passer, can rebound, has quickness, and can slash to the rim. Just imagine what'll happen if he gets a jump shot and embiid doesnt have any more lower body injuries, they'll be the most dangerous team in the nba not named golden state

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