Master P & Romeo Share Business Jules, P Learning How To Use Instagram + Funding Their Own Movie

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  1. Greatest, Genius, family, Love.
    Now with that said.
    Lil Romeo let your father speak, you can’t answer for him bro. You were never hungry in the projects . You were in projects for a short time, you couldn’t never remember your time there. P you talk that shit , but your son talks over you, the shit over you.

    I respect your family P. You guys made a lot of sacrifice and excellent achievement. Saying this with RESPECT.

  2. If you look at the difference between Romeo and Bow wow you could tell which one was raised by his mother and which one was raised by his father.. Romeo seems much laid back and in control of his emotions.. where as bow wow can fly off the handle at any minute.. I'm not knockng bow wow I think he's a good dude it's just something I've observed.. it shows the importance of a black male having his father in his life

  3. I would like to add on to what Master P said at 33:06 becuz it is so true. I would like to add that whenever any movie regardless if it's backed by a major company or not if it features an all black cast it will have an limited theater release. I remember calling this theater (The ArcLight) in Santa Monica Ca about the movie Black Panther to find out what time it starts and the guy told me this "No we're not showing Black Panther The Theater chose not to take Black Panther." I said to myself a big budget movie like Black Panther and they don't have black panther. I ended up going out to Pasadena Ca.

  4. Alot of people don't know but Master P had all the Publishing from his early No Limit Records Artists. We have to remember that during that era it was Pre Bootleg so damn near all of No Limits Artist were going Gold or either Platinum. Not to mention they were dropping albums damn near every week. This is how Master P got so rich. I don't know to applaude Master P or not because those same No Limit Artists are not getting Publishing Checks and you can look and see how Master P is living and how they are living.


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