Master P Reveals ‘No Limit’ Doc, Educating Others Through Masterclass + Luxury Sneaker, MoneYatti

Master of marketing, guru of getting the bag, the notable Master P came though Sway’s Universe to update us on his most recent endeavors and his hopes for future generations. From his impending movie production of ‘Get Da Bag’ starring a female cast, to his upcoming release of his upscale sneakers the MoneYatti, the No Limit boss is most definitely making moves towards continued success and growth.

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Master P Reveals ‘No Limit’ Doc, Educating Others Through Masterclass + Luxury Sneaker, MoneYatti

Sway’s Universe

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  1. Yeah if Nakima is reading this… Show him the numbers, like what P was saying.. show expenses and profits. And he may not get it… Because I'll show my close people what I've actually done and they just want to stay broke and cry about being broke. If he's that type, then just make your own moves on your own. Stay married or whatever but make your own moves. But yeah show numbers, you have to know where you're going before you start running. That's like running into a wall unless you got the tools to hop over that MF.

  2. Master P still out here hustling dropping music, movies shoes and speaking at master classes. Support this man. Im from Brooklyn when make em say uhhh dropped I was 6 years old and I remember me and my friends running up and down the block singing that shit word for word. To see how far this man came in real time is inspiring and nothing less than legendary


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