Mason Rudolph shouldn't have walked off the field after big hit – Rex Ryan | Get Up

Pat McAfee, Rex Ryan and Dan Orlovsky react to Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph being taken off the field after a helmet-to-helmet hit vs. the Baltimore Ravens.
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  1. All the hype on the Ravens after the 1st 2 weeks and they need OT to beat the Steelers 3rd string QB to avoid losing 3 in a row. They played 2 garbage teams the first 2 weeks just like the Cowboys did in the first 3 weeks, and now we see what they are doing.

  2. Lamar Jackson is only 22. He is supremely talented with a superior attitude and work ethic. Only time will tell how good he will be going forward. But he has a chance to be great. The problem with the Ravens is they have a weak interior offensive line and no pass rush. Add to that a crippled secondary and you are looking at a 500 team at best this year unless something happens to change that.

  3. This is the latest example of how any measure the NFL takes that they claim is to protect the safety of players is complete bs. We are watching the game destroy itself with horrendous rule changes that we as fans are asked to put up with in the name of “player safety”, yet here is a player that was KNOCKED UNCONSCIOUS by a vicious hit, and bc the cart broke he had to walk off the field. That’s absolutely outrageous. The only thing more outrageous is the fact that the NFL released the statement defending it. No X-ray. No CT scan. No ultrasound. Yet they made him WALK off the field. So why in the world are we putting up with asinine rule changes that were implemented to “protect players” when in the most serious of situations in terms of potential injury, they force him to get up and walk. This is unconscionable.

  4. That was a momentary spinal injury……………..look at his hand and fingers. It was in the same position as a paraplegic. That was a close one….

    This is what the NFL should do……..Put the guy that caught Ben Roethlisberger wearing an Apple watch and put him in charge of game day Safety equipment…….

  5. The length of time he was motionless was scary. He should not have walked off that field. If he did have a neck injury, he could have further damaged it. Possibly died from getting up and walking.

  6. People have to stop giving credit to “ being a tough guy” for getting knocked into another dimension then trying to get up and continue when they don’t know their own name or even where they are …. that thinking from pundits and commentators is incredibly stupid – Rudolph is incredibly lucky he didn’t sustain any damage from being allowed to get up and walk off – NFL and the Steelers screwed up big time –

  7. Even pee wee and high school games will have a cart or stretcher for kids when they get concussions…dont make a guy walk off the field after getting his brain bounced around his skull…the NFL is becoming a joke

  8. TBH … they were lucky (NFL) that this wasn't worse than it was , your kidding me WALKED HIM OFF THE PITCH …. Precautionary measures SHOULD OF BEEN, DON'T move acces the situation ( NECK INJURY brace it ) ? 2/ BACK BOARD , SECURE THE HEAD, THEN if ok exit the field … watching that was embarrassing and could of been much worse.

  9. Brain stem injury has the arm movements that Mason displayed….You guys are right…NEVER encourage a player to walk off the field. IDIOTS should have stabilized that c-spine…… Where was an M.D.??? Looking at that footage he was lucky that he survived…He appeared to have been crazy close to a Dale Earnhardt injury. He was sandwiched between two freight trains…All of that collision energy was potentially lethal. TOUGH GUY???? Nope Nope stupidity


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