Malik Yoba Fires Back At His Frat For Removing Him From Youth Leadership Program

Malik Yoba addresses his fraternity Phi Beta Sigma (01:10)

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Malik Yoba Fires Back At His Frat For Removing Him From Youth Leadership Program

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  1. God made them male and female. It's way that seems right but the end is destruction and hell. But it seems right now. If a lion one day decides he doesn't want to be a lion anymore and decides it wants to swim in the river with alligators, do you think the alligators will accept him as a Gator? There is a way that seems right now but the end of that road is destruction and hell!!!

  2. Wow it's crazy how he has been accused and immediately people are saying he is guilty but when a guy who is straight is accused against a woman that energy isn't the same. That is just as bad as metoo.

  3. I am a member of this same Fraternity but what Malik Yoba FAILED to say in this interview was that there was a member in our fraternity that was sentenced for 25 years in 2017 for sex crimes against boys in our auxillairy youth group! The same youth group program that Malik Yoba has been removed from. My son is on the verge of joining this group. Peace out Bro. Yoba or as you said in your interview, Former Bro. Yoba. My frat made the right decision, and him bringing up the gay brother from Louisiana (marco mcmillian) that got murdered back in 2013 is irrelevant to this current issue.

  4. It makes sense . They are confused about their sexuality and gender so it makes sense that to try to explain it would be very comprehensive because to the point to where it doesn’t make sense anymore. I feel bad for gay people now. They are just very lost people

  5. Damn we can’t keep not ONE Alpha male strong black man on point….This another one of our strong one we had in the industry. This fool up here defending and speaking for men with tits and penis…..he wrote off ALL DAY!

  6. This rumor report SUCKED WAS DRY AND CONFUSED….they all were scared to offend…. people have bowed down to this Crap, stay moral n old school n keep it in the closet…….we in the last days


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