Making an Indian Gift Card Scammer RAP (ft. IRLrosie)

These gift card scammers steal people’s credit card information after asking them to pay ‘just $2.95’ to redeem their free voucher. Rosie and I decided to make these guys work a little extra hard for it. Send out pranks using the new scripts recorded by ROSIE!

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  1. I had a lot of fun with this one lol, the way these scammers react is soooooooo funny. Drop a LIKE on this and send the video to a friend if ya dig it 😀 Let me know if there's something you guys want to see me do in Finland / Sweden / Norway!!

  2. This was pretty good. To be fair exceeded my expectations. I expected it to be more rough around the edges. Most collabs are done very early in youtube career. You know before people get a million subs LOL. Thank you.


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