Lord Jamar: The D.O.C. Had Star Power Like 2Pac Before His Accident (Part 9)

Watch Part 8: https://goo.gl/Y3ExNN
Part 1: https://goo.gl/3z5VYR
In this clip, Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad discuss The D.O.C. who is a legend in the eyes of true hip-hop heads. Lord Jamar stated that he believes D.O.C. had similar star power as 2Pac when he came on the scene. He praised him for being one of the first artists outside of New York that he thought could really MC.
Later on, Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad chopped it up over D.O.C.’s lasting impact and how he should consider writing a book to tell his story to the people.


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  1. Jamar is not even over exaggerating! Doc probably would have been the greatest rapper of all time if he didn’t have the accident! He was that incredible! He was definitely better than biggie to, docs voice was more powerful than Pacs to

  2. Wow he dissed the West Coast Hard saying he aint take they artists serious before DOC.. Like Too Short, Ice T, CMW and others wasnt doing shit.. When niggaz like him and his crew fell off due to the rise of West Coast music that didnt even get radio play especially in NY… Guess he would be a hater, being he dont have hits and cant tour like those west Coast artist he had no respect for…smh

  3. 1. D.O.C cussed on "The Grand Finale" with NWA
    2. D.O.C IS a west coast artist "i got raw when i came to Cali", Dre produced his entire album, he wrote for NWA, after NWA DOC was on Death Row as a writer, he wrote majority of the Chronic album.

  4. I remember watching the formula vid on RAGE late at night when thats the only time you'd see good rap back in the day before Youtube. I was thinking, who is this guy? Id heard NWA of course and Snoop, the DOC was unheard of which is a shame. I don't think FA people have heard him at all.

  5. Vlad, The D.O.C. did have a cuss words on his album, it wasn't like NWA, but listen to lean me an ear. That's the only one I can think of off the top of my head

  6. lol…true statement people from Texas have always had love for the west coast. Back then NYC rappers had a mentality that if you were not from there you had no credibility

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