Lord Jamar on Nipsey Hussle & Eric Holder: The Video Looks Shady (Part 9)

Part 8: https://youtu.be/oxsc9BQfBxo
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Gy3IU2Oyedo
In this clip, Lord Jamar speaks on celebrity attorney Chris Darden, who decades prior was a prosector for the O.J. Simpson trial and more recently was the lead defense attorney for Nipsey Hussle’s alleged killer Eric Holder, though he’s since withdrawn his representation after he received death threats against his family. Due to those highlights on his resume, Jamar is left to wonder if Darden is insistent on always being on the wrong side of the black community, keeping in mind how loved Nipsey was and how the culture is still in mourning. With that said, Jamar concedes that if he was Holder’s attorney he would argue that it can’t be proven that Holder is the shooter in the surveillance footage, while on a separate note adding that BG Knocc Out is one of many who would seek to avenge Nipsey’s death if given the opportunity.

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  1. This is absolutely absurd to me, regardless this man is going to have to have a lawyer, doesn’t matter if he’s white or black or who he is, so it’s OK to threaten peoples lives and threaten their families for someone doing their job, for Christ sake’s he is a lawyer doesn’t matter who he’s defending.

  2. I think this way of thinking is dangerous for the so called black community! We need to stop thinking all blacks are supposed to think alike or have the same stance! We'd still be in slavery or Jim crow laws would still be in effect if all white people took that approach of everyone white has to think alike and share the same stance! It took free thinking whites to say slavery, jim crow laws etc.. is wrong for this stuff to stop

  3. How some black people feel about smoking that dude is hypocritical. Why? Because white cops are going around murdering black children by the day, yet, there are no blacks who are willing to smoke those white devil thugs in blue. These white cops have been smoking black leaders and very important people from the black community just as Nipsey was important to the black communities, but no one seem to be willing to smoke those pigs who are still walking around free as a bird after murdering innocent black women and children. Interesting!

  4. Does Lord Jamar even make music anymore? He seems to do nothing but appear on this show to inject an intentionally contrarian POV about something, or occasionally dis a more successful & famous person like Eminem (or someone else usually white, since he's not a fan of white people) so he can re-enter the cultural conversation, since otherwise nobody cares or talks about him. For real, who still even listens to Brand Nubian?

  5. The black community felt strongly about Nipsey Hustle and will smoke anyone disrespecting him. Meanwhile, a bunch of blacks just stood around and let a white girl spray paint bogus shit all over his picture…yeah sure. We only do it to our own.


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