Lord Jamar on Lil Kim & Lil Cease Ending 14 Year Beef After Kim Went to Prison (Part 7)

Part 8: https://youtu.be/oxsc9BQfBxo
Part 6: https://youtu.be/64SE1Yj4faM
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Gy3IU2Oyedo
Lord Jamar shared his thoughts on Lil Kim and Lil Cease recently ending their longstanding beef. After being filled in on Lil Cease having to testify in Lil Kim’s perjury case, which sent her to prison for a year, Lord Jamar shared his thoughts on the complexity of the case and how it relates to street code.

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  1. The irony that no one seems to remember/care about is Lil Kim spent much of her time being fake, yet wanted to “keep it real” by not “snitching”, but she’s still lying….Never trust a so-called Black Woman that tries to be/look/act White. Our sisters are out here, getting plastic surgery, like a White woman, the same White woman that spends a lot of time trying to look like a Black woman. The standard of beauty was a White woman looking like themselves. Now, it’s White Women trying to look like Black women (I.e. Kardashians, Iggy Azalea, etc). For more information on what a Black woman is supposed to be, and why they shouldn’t look like White women, please visit IsraelUnite.org which is not my personal website, but I am a part of that organized nation.

  2. She would not have to do the time for the perjury if he didn't say anything, he should've said the same thing Kim said "I don't know them" and she would've been free as well. This response is due to the info that was giving in this video.

  3. Cease knew Kim was clear on the shooting charge. He also knew that they already had Kim on perjury based on photos, videos & phone taps. When they asked Cease if Kim knew D-Roc, they were trying to also get Cease on a perjury charge…(they already had enough on Kim). So, Cease knew that he wasn't hurting anybody by telling the truth…and lying would just get him convicted of perjury.
    Kim only put blame on Cease to cover up the fact that she got herself locked up by trying to be slick in court when it wasn't even necessary.

  4. regardless Lil Kim was NOT going to snitch even if they had all proof she still gonna say she didn’t know cause she rode hard for them and in return they all pointed the finger at Kim

  5. That's why you plead!!!! The fuckin 5th!!!!!… Stupid mf!!! They can't say I know you know that she know these niggas lol plead the 5th or say I don't remember..period!!!!smh stupid!!! So word to the wise..


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