Lord Jamar on Fight Over Nipsey's Fortune: Was Lauren Actually Married to Nipsey? (Part 10)

Part 11: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nubE6muE_M
Part 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggZ5KzY9mgw
Part 1: https://youtu.be/Gy3IU2Oyedo


In this clip, Lord Jamar speaks on the current turmoil in regards to Nipsey Hussle’s estate since his passing, including the current custody battle that involves the mother of his daughter. From there, Jamar & Vlad debate on why successful men are often resistant to get married, as they delineate on how wealth is ultimately divided after either a death within the relationship or a divorce.

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  1. The best business mind in the history of the world (so yall have said since he was killed) forgot to have a will. Dude has no doubt seen many people die in his life but just couldnt imagine it would happen to him. Now hes left all his loved ones fighting, hating each other cause he didnt bother to plan ahead……

  2. Bitches ain't shit . No mater who he was wit be 4 or after he pass his blood only flo through them kids. So fuck errbody esle let that $ sit til they old enough 2 get it themselves not u bitches get it & ball out y'all ain't made 1 song or no business deal

  3. Whats with the (baby momma)shit you have i mother not two like how old are you and what cant you do that you need 2 mothers 6 8 12 grow up maybe you can be taken seriously

  4. In texas its 6 months for common law marriage so if opposite sexes are actin like room mates and the female room mate gets supposed raped by the male room mate it gets over ruled because of common law laws

  5. Nipsey n Lauren was not married,his death certificate even stated they wasnt married. Messed up that their fighting over his assets but if no will was in place, that's what happened

  6. There is no common law marriage in California. This is typical nigga barbershop foolishness. Please watch these videos for entertainment purposes only and not for financial, legal or life advice.

  7. Lil' Boosie made this interview. His logic in life is something if I ever had a son, I would let him watch that interview before he thinks about Waka Flocka'ing a main bitch, a mistress, a couple girlfriends for being hood rich.

  8. These are grown men talking and it's a fucking shame! Celebrities know kids listen to them and instead talking properly or sounding like they are somewhat educated they want to sound cool and tough at fucking 45 yrs old. A fucking shame!


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