Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad Debate Who’s the Better MC: Ice Cube or Nas (Part 15)

Watch Part 14: https://goo.gl/MT2AXJ
Part 1: https://goo.gl/3z5VYR
In this clip, Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad discussed the history behind rappers turning actors and how most times artists tend to lean toward the Hollywood money versus the music industry. They noted rappers like Ice Cube and LL Cool J as two examples of rappers that made the transition to acting and are probably more known for that than their careers in the rap game. Lord Jamar and DJ Vlad also spoke about Pac and his potential as an actor. The two delve deeper into Ice Cube not getting his just due as a lyricist because of his acting career and how he compares with someone like Nas.

Later on, Lord Jamar discussed Nas’ recent investments and how he probably downplays his wealth in order to avoid dishing out more to Kelis for child support.


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  1. Im surprised someone would even compare these two. Ice Cube is good, but Nas is great. (As a lyricist. Nas' lyrics are way more clever. Like hes rapping poetry)

  2. Vlad always saying he's a fan of Nas! But he always criticizes him, and it seems at hating. Because he brings Nas name always up. What did Nas do vlad? Saying he won't do the interview with you? Like c'mon ice cube or Nas ????? really

  3. I swear, Vladimir hates Nas yano.. This the same dude who likes some of Yachty's music and Mumble Wrappers and he ACTUALLY wants to debate whether Nas is better than Ice Cube… There is No question. Stilmatic Still kills a LOT of albums.. Yes, STILMATIC!!!

  4. Ice Cube first dropped his work in 1987 and stayed relevant spitting bars of fire until at least 2010. That's 23+ years of straight heat. Nas first dropped in 1994 and after two stellar albums his work became very hit and miss over the next 18 years leading up to his last joint in 2012. The numbers speak for themselves.

  5. Cube n nas are worlds apart also they cater to different audiences. Vlad has always hated Nas. dude is full of shit thats why he never interviews Nas himself and just keeps interviewing his bumchum Jamar

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