Linkin Parks Mike Shinoda Speaks on Coping with Chester Bennington’s Death Through Music @SwaysUniverse

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  1. First "rock/alternative" band that I really liked was Linkin Park. I still remember hearing "Crawling" for the first time before I had to go to grade school. The music video would come on in the mornings on MTV (when mtv used to actually play music videos). Hybrid theory was a master piece. RIP Chester. Thank you for the great music

  2. So glad to see everything Shinoda is doing via music after Chester. Hope we get one more LP album and tour in his honor then they just go on to pursue solo stuff and let LPs discography stand as one of the greats. Maybe release some reference or demos like their LPU stuff.

  3. So much real shit he speaking on, I remember growing up and you couldn't get caught listening to "white boy music" or you were weird….but everybody did just wouldn't admit it in public until later. You couldn't grow up on TRL days and not like any of the metal/pop/rock songs that would blow up. Then it started morphing more with the internet to where now we have "urban" rap stars dressing like white goth/metal kids from late 90s/2000s covered with face tattoos like they are hardcore metal heads.

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