Lil Zay Osama Agrees with Boosie: You Can't Be a Gangster and a Rapper at the Same Time (Part 4)

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Lil Zay Osama spoke to Vlad about going back in the streets after getting out jail. He noted that he changed because he actually started to see the response to his music, which is what led him to change his ways, along with having kids and wanting to make up for the trouble he caused his moms.
Zay and Vlad then spoke about how you can’t be gangster and make music at the same time. Zay said he witnessed this first hand and also said it’s weird. He noted he only wanted to focus on the music and nothing else. The rapper pointed out that you have to know the right direction for you, saying he’s just a rapper and his only goal is to do music.

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  1. Imo u can be only if u independent and local but if/once u become famous/mainstream u really cant be in the streets because for one you gonna be to busy traveling and touring…however dependin on where u from u might have fam or friends in hood so by association plus u could have money in the streets but other than that naw u cant be directly in the streets and be a famous rapper

  2. Hey, Vladtv could you bleep out the N-word in your interviews
    or asking them not to use it I would appreciate it as a fan of your channel
    N*gger is an ethnic slur directed at black people
    To our fallen heroes in the black community Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Emmett Till
    16th Street Baptist Church bombing death total 4 (Addie Mae Collins (14)Cynthia Wesley (14), Carole Robertson (14)Carol Denise McNair (11)
    Bitch is a female dog, wolf, fox, or otter. It not black women and it, not black men
    Eight negros lynched since the last issue," wrote Ida B. Wells in a scorching editorial in her Memphis newspaper, The Free Speech, in May 1892:
    take care and god bless

  3. U def could be a gangster and do anything. We in America.. trust me

    Boosie a smart man for his words tho.. he even know what I’m saying. And I know what he saying. It’s levels. Nikkaz can’t teach u Nd beat u

  4. You can definitely be both …but being a dope seller doesn't make you a gangster ….that just put you in the category of fast life an fast money. ….trust me I no plenty of dope sellers that are pussy's an i also no some niggas that might have only have 5 bucks to their name an they will hat down on you fast rather its kick a bone out yo ass wit some boots on or blow a bone out yo ass wit that steel trigger


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