Lil Yachty on Losing Virginity at 19, More Girls Attracted to Him After Fame (Part 6)

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Lil Yachty opened up to VladTV about losing his virginity his senior year of high school and being afraid at the time. Yachty added that things have changed since then, and he’s seen more interest from girls since becoming famous. 

During the conversation, Lil Yachty spoke about finding it hard to have a girlfriend and wanting to have someone around to share things with in his life right now. To hear more, hit the above clip.


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  1. After giving his music a chance a watching a few of his interviews I have a lot more respect for him and some of the "new age"… Still cant call them rappers/MC's yet… Im just not that open minded yet

  2. I respect him 1000%!! 4 being honest it takes a person who’s true to they self to admit that!! A lot of weirdo niggaz who wasn’t getting no hoes in H.S would of got on & started BIG CAPPIN

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