Lil Yachty on Lord Jamar Hating: He Should Be Rooting for Young Black Men (Part 3)

Watch Part 3:
Lil Yachty addressed Lord Jamar’s criticism of him during his recent sit-down with VladTV, and the Lil Boat 2 rapper agreed to meet up with Lord Jamar to speak about their differences.


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  1. The majority of this generation are so fucking dumb…I pity them. If you not kissing their ass then your a hater…funny thing is I was never this dumb/ignorant at his age (thank God)…so I dunno…starts at home I guess. Your music is wack- that's the issue, how do you not understand that? But he got the nerve to say Lord Jamar should be rooting for him solely cause his black? #GTFOH

  2. 1st off, Yachty is ugly as fuck. 2nd, we DONT need to support wack shit & you are WACK. 3rd, your management knew he’d expose you as even more of an idiot than we already know you are. That’s why they wouldn’t let you do the interview.

  3. He (lord j) wants to help little crachty not be wack and not be one to set the hip hop movement back . He clearly supports his remedial ass but not when he sets again the movement back.

  4. I gotta agree to disagree. Yeah brothers should be rooting for each other but as a Hip-Hop purists myself I don't like ya'll young niggas just jumping in the game on some "gotta get paid at all costs" type of shit. It's a fine line between doing music to feed your family and maintaining a balance in keeping our culture for being watered down on some dress as clown mumbling in the booth shit.

  5. "Hating" is a word young people say to much these days…its not hating if u sincerely don't like something. Does lil yahty like brussel sprouts? No? Then he a hater bra…

  6. LJ speaks the truth. Yachty's album cover says everything by promoting the gay agenda..dont get it twisted, just showing it is promoting it when u have a mass amount of people viewing it. Eff Yachty for promoting that to the Youth, he's part of the problem and I don't fuck with UUU…

  7. I don't even know yaChty musiC but he's right. What if he should say Jamal and puba and em waCC as shit? Jamal would be offended so why shouldn't yaChty be offended? WaCC or not young'n getting paid off rap and that's a good thing vs baCC in the day when alot wasnt.

  8. What I dont like about today socalled rappers like yachty is they have absolutely no respect at all for guys like LORD that are hero's and made so many dam classics that till today you put them on gives you chills

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