Lil Meech on His Dad Taking 30 Years, Could’ve Gotten Life Fighting the Charge (Part 2)

Watch Part 1:
Lil Meech opened up to VladTV about learning about his father Big Meech’s legal troubles after Googling his name when he was around 11-years-old. Lil Meech explained that he remembers his dad telling him not to cry when he first saw him in the Detroit prison. 

When it comes to his dad’s case, Lil Meech said his dad was “never a phone person,” which is ironic considering that Big Meech was charged based on phone calls made by his brother, “Southwest T.” Lil Meech pointed out that his father could’ve gotten a life sentence if he fought his charges, and instead he decided to take a 30-year plea deal. 

To hear more, including why Lil Meech thinks there will never be another group like BMF, hit the above clip.


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  1. I was in Atlanta in 03,04,05,06,07. There was only one BMF billboard. Then like a year later BMF was done. It was at the 75/85 exit. Millions of People saw it everyday. What a stupid move.

  2. Real talk there was a crew as big as BMF in Atlanta at the same time: Jerry Davis of the Sin City Mafia got caught with 300 bricks on him and was said to be making just as much as the boys in black.

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