LeBron James and Kevin Love | ECF Game 2 Press Conference

LeBron James and Kevin Love break down their Game 2 loss to the Boston Celtics. James and Love combined for 64 points.


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  1. It's funny how LeBron and these other players when they lose they like to wear da hoodies or the ball cap really low to kinda hide their face and then when they win they come out and put on a fashion show.

  2. Substitute J.R with Hood and Larry with Tristan. Tristan is bumping into love on defensive rebounds and love isn't make offensive rebounds. Hill shouldn't be this bad in the next game.

  3. Ty Lue needs to go. He has the best player in the world, a very good player in KLove. Young guys who should be running and gunning. JR/Korver/Tristan who have playoff experience. This is not a bad team, but a poorly coached team.

  4. Biggest cry baby in the game I swear. Everytime he gets hit he always hits the floor & covers his face like he's in excruciating pain & always crying to the refs every time he goes up for any shot

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