Larry King Says the Second Amendment Was Created to Fight Off Slave Uprisings | TMZ

Larry King has an interesting tidbit for why the Second Amendment should be repealed — and it’s got to do with what he says is the real reason it was created … to fight off slaves.


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  1. Larry I may be younger than you but I am damn sure I am smarter than you. The 2nd amendnent was created to protect the people if the government went rouge, and repealing would only show how little freedom we have for us on the right but show how crooked in power these people on the left are. I'm am a proud supporter of the NRA and I will be damn if my right is taken away.

  2. The second amendment is perfectly written  . It is still doing the job it is meant to do and this POS knows it. Just another lying entertainer that wants us in fema camps

  3. No. It. Was. Not.

    Lying Jews in the media and their race mongering. When will it end?

    It was created so that the citizenry wouldn't be at the mercy of tyrants like the monarchy/King they chose to separate themselves from in England.

  4. He’s probably referring to slaveowners taking advantage of that right through court rulings to stop slave uprisings in southern states. Still, it wasn’t created during the 1800s. It was created when our Constitution was created in 1787 to ward off foreign invaders and tyranny at home. Maybe he’s got bad gas, that happens to me a lot. Lol

  5. The second amendment was not created to fight off slave revolts that's when it was ratified in the early 1800s when the part of adding the right to have militias and be well disciplined come on Larry what a disappointment man! You're almost dead brother and you want the 2nd amendment repealed I'm sure you have armed guards around you everywhere you go that's fine for you. If you're going to tell people why they made the 2nd Amendment it was because we were young country and we did not want to be overthrown the first 10 rights were considered inherent rights that shall not be infringed upon what part of that don't you understand!

  6. Larry King is a lying fucking inbred Jew. Jews have mental illness from inbreeding. always running their mouth and making up crazy stories. second amendment has nothing to do with slaves

  7. Larry King is an inbred Jew pervert. he has sexually assaulted women, always has porn stars on his show. Jews always try to turn blacks against whites.

  8. All rights described in the “Bill of Rights” apply specifically and solely to the People, not to the government or any component of it. If the framers wanted to specify that government-controlled entities could be armed, they would have included language to that effect elsewhere in the Constitution. That the rights of the people to keep and bear arms is in the Bill Of Rights is confirmation that it is an individual right of each citizen, just as much as all the other rights described in the first 10 amendments.

  9. Hes a democrat right, so wouldn't That mean hes racist cause his entire Party was founded on racism and never wanted women to vote? But we are just supposed to To forget about that?

  10. Definitely facts, the white militia plays a big role in killing black people still today. The group of white killers who get a pass to kill illegally.

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