Lamar Jackson has 'too many highs & lows' to be sold on him — Greg Jennings | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Rob Parker and Greg Jennings give their thoughts on Lamar Jackson’s preseason performances thus far and his future as the Baltimore Ravens starting quarterback. Hear if they are sold on the second year QB.

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Lamar Jackson has ‘too many highs & lows’ to be sold on him — Greg Jennings | NFL | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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  1. Lamar Jackson’s 75 passing yards per game is based on 16 games, even though he only started in 7. The average is below 200, which isn’t ideal, but his YPA was the same as media darling, Baker Mayfield

  2. “75 ypg” if u count the 9 weeks where he came in for three plays a game. Greg Jennings should do five more mins of research before he talks. Two of Lamar’s inc last night where throw always bc his line couldn’t protect him

  3. If it's not the norm people will always knock you. Lamar is a special talent. And I like the approach the Ravens had. They are and will be a run and defensive team. They've always been that way. As each year passes the offense will evolve as he does. The more weapons they add the more dangerous they'll be. People underestimate the impact Hollywood will have. He'll open everything up for everyone else. The better the weapons the harder it will be to key on him.

  4. he has run like 4 times this preseason and if you actually take the Time to watch him in practice and games his passing has improved, and its not fair to compare last years game like greg did when it was his first year and the play calling was horrible

  5. The game wasn’t decided wtf is rob talking about? Lamar had one more drive to tie the game up against the chargers. He was stripped sacked and that was the game. Blame coaching more than anything

  6. How do want Lamar to play is game when throw the ball they said he can't throw when he run the ball they said he is running back the simple fact in my apnion he is developing I arrest my case

  7. Flacco had the same team and went 4-5…✋ the bs. Lamar provided more to the team and that is why he is starting. He also proved he could win while completing less than 60% of his passes. We want him to be more consistant throwing the ball but he proved it was not a necessity to win.

  8. He was a good passer in college and like i tell my friends how can advance at passin when coach got them running drags. In the play offs it was 3rd&12 they ran a option smh

  9. The Ravens will be fine wit Action Jackson, they win off defense anyway so he'll be a nice compliment to their defense, he doesn't need to throw for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns

  10. Greg's inner chump is starting to come out OR he better tell his handlers to get their hands out of his back
    He is not even listening to his own pts from 1 segment 2 the nxt

  11. He is right Lamar not all that good right now other than his running and scrambling. I played with him on madden the other day he gotta get better his accuracy is poo poo

  12. jennings just made every excuse for murray…. 60 percent is right next too 61 percent hes just a hater…. he praised joe flacco for 61 percent but crucafiying jackson for 60 percent ….. BLACK MEN

  13. Bruh, Lamar Jackson has only thrown a total of 16 passes over the first two pre-season games… What exactly do you expect to see with that small of a sample size?

  14. Kyler played quarterback all his life as a 5-star recruit who made the Elite-11. Threw for 4,000+ yards, 50 TDs in the air. Lamar Jackson was a 3-star athlete who can fill the role of QB. it's clear that Murray is a far advance thrower of the football. I can see why Greg is hating on Lamar


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