Kylie & Kimye Home Prowler Caught On Video | TMZ Live

Not a smart move, bro!


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Comment (0)

  1. It's sad anybody would have to go through any of this but when you're Celebrity level status is that high I would probably have security on my property it ain't like they don't have the money and it wasn't long ago same bullshit and who in the hell would climb that mountain to be in her backyard people got balls of steel I mean stupidity

  2. Gated means nothing but more money,these people need attack dogs an a24 hour guard or at least 8 hour at night live in guard.Someone who patrols only they house as top priority its too dangerous out here.

  3. Just buy 2 trained Kangals to prowl your property. Problem solved. Though they may kill the guy or severely dismember him and you could get sued. So if you dont want the guy dead you could train great danes to do it. Their boar hunting instinct is to pin and wait instead of kill, and they are big enough and strong enough to pin a grown man down. Either breed will do the job well.

  4. After what kim went through in paris not to mention BOTH of them are worth so much. But they let this happen SMFH lol twist plot the guy from Skype is the person in Kylie back yard .lol jp

  5. Welcome to what California’s Democrats are letting happen… maybe he is a homeless person going to set up a tent. I think they should set up some tents in those areas get the paps going clips on it.


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