Kyle Allen scares defenses more than Cam Newton – Damien Woody | First Take

Damien Woody and Domonique Foxworth discuss Cam Newton’s future with the Carolina Panthers following the decision to place Newton on injured reserve and stick with QB Kyle Allen.
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  1. This debate is stupid. I'm gonna say it right now and I've said it, only Aaron Rogers and Drew Brees is better than Cameron Newton. Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady and Russell Wilson ARE NOT BETTER than Cameron Newton

  2. Kyle allen hasn't thrown for 300 yds yet this season smh.. but teams are so afraid of him.. maybe there more scared of cmc having 200yds from scrimmage every game fuckin clown

  3. I'm a Giants fan and I don't even like Cam very much bcuz of his personality and horrible dressing and other things I've heard but that's besides the point when Cam is healthy he's a top 10 quarterback.

  4. I think Woody is crazy to even suggest that. Allen isn’t really scaring many in my book, what’s scaring them is McCaffrey and that defense. I don’t know if Cam stays in Carolina, but I think if Carolina moves on from Newton then they NEED a replacement. I’d get Marcus Mariota if Cam is cut. I don’t see Allen making the playoffs

  5. Foxworthy is the most disrespectful debater, that MBA has gotten to his head and he’s so hard to watch. He is falling in to the Ryan Collins category of people I changed the channel to when they’re a guest on First Take.

  6. I'm sorry to say this but yes Cam Newton is not what he used to be and this kid is balling so i say stay with the hot hand and fresh legs Cam needs a change he should go to the Raiders or Bengals

  7. Kyle Allen hasn’t even had a 300 plus game yet passing cam in his rookie season had 2 400 yard passing games back to back and 1 300 yard and now days if you a QB and not running for a least 50 yards a game of throwing over 300 your just average

  8. Dominique should do a PSA for all the people who think kyle is better than cam. He out here speaking straight facts. PS. Cam should do like Mitch trubisky and turn his tvs off.


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