KSI vs. Logan Paul 2 Weigh In [OFFICIAL LIVE STREAM]

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I’m a 24 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.

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  1. KSI is talking about levels on this game. This stupid UK kid is way more unskilled than amateurist child. Holy fuck ksi didnt understand anything. Unskilled fool just like hs last sparring hs punches has no snaps on it all talk how stupid was that huh UKs kids gonna hate this Lmao

  2. LOGAN, listen to me, don't listen to him, but what you should do in the end is: when you win where like I know you are, I can tell you now, please do me your #1 fan a favor, please even though he's evil inside, say in your head "i rebuke all evil in the name of jesus christ" but not only do that but show the ("evil who really boss fighting him off by") picking up ksi showing good sportsmanship that I know you have because you and your family symbolises as selfless people who embrace the good people with good hearts; elminiting the bad souls making them realize what he or she is wrong about life and has a chance to shine like you and your family. I know ksi would appreciate it. I'll be surprised if he doesn't. but you know in the end, you did the right in the end since i know you are the most selfless man ever like the rest in your family because you are raised of being the person to unfold peoples bad reputation about others. believe me i've been in a situation where someone said mean things and i made him realize its not about judging, but embracing people in a very positive way like you already have.


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