Kobe Richardson, The Man From Viral Dreadlock Cutting Photo, Speaks On Controversy

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  1. The way I see it all this has nothing to do with sally or kobe. Ever since jay’s nfl deal there’s been a push to ruin jays image and shit on what he’s trying to do with this NFL deal. Him in the NFL are donating millions to organizations that fight for our community and people are doing everything to make it negative. Don’t fall for the hype people‼️

  2. Jay got all his people to do damage control, come on now this man would not be up there if Jay Z name wasn't involved. It still don't look right, that white woman had no business in that young man's hair, period. Glad to hear that she was doing good things for this young man, I like his spirit, he seems genuine.

  3. This is why people need to stop running with headlines and do their research! All this could have been avoided had people not be on this hate train with Jay Z making social justice and business moves. Ya'll stay broke and mad.

  4. I expect this because.. Jayz gave to this organization threw the information threw the NFL Deal one of them organization…..its looks bad for Roc Nation or NFL to be attacked to this…Angie is Friend of Jayz…its interesting….never the less…..

  5. The NFL accomplished the goal that it wanted wen they bought Jay Z, we are now debating Jay Z being a sell out and no longer talking about the NFL and their racism and Police Brutality.

  6. Lets play "Lets pretend this is all about cutting off Dred Locks to conform to White Supremacist Society.". There are literally hundreds of Black organizations in Chicago yet this White Conservative Woman gets the NFL money from Jay Z.

  7. Keeping kids out of jail and the cemetery is always good and positive but Black youth need STEM programs and programs in Coding and IT to compete for the future in America and the World. Jay Z and Roc nation should be creating JOBS for Black Men who don't necessarily have a Felony either.

  8. I’m honestly disappointed Angie is even giving this shine. Unfortunately she’s one of the people that always supports Jay , no matter what. It’s the only thing I know of her that doesn’t sit right with me. Shame.

  9. Fucking black peoples quick to cancel her because she is white
    This woman is out there helping kids and saving lives while ya niggas out there killing each other but since she is white and asked for help to take care of these kids so she is the devil
    Wonder why some of the white peoples just choose to live their lives and not even bother and try to help cuz ya niggas can’t see pass the color of their skin!

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