FightHype.com was on hand at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales where IBF & WBA heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua kept his undefeated record intact and added the WBO title to his trophy case, defeating former champion Joseph Parker via unanimous decision. Check out the scene immediately after the fight as both fighters and those in attendance reacted to the performance.


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  1. Stay retired:
    1.You fought in an Era where there was no heavyweights you in prime Tyson,Holyfield,Lewis co your not holding anything.
    2.you been beaten twice now and now that there are some heavyweights your losing
    I never rated you as a great heavyweight because your era was shit.
    Fight Wilder you ain’t beating Joshua or Fit Tyson Fury.

  2. Meh, disappointing. K coulld have been so much better than he was. Unfortunately, he was never the same after the Corrie Sanders fight. Took all his confidence away. Sad that his best performance since that fight was 15 years later in another loss- to AJ.

  3. Klitschiko what you need is the right conner man. I said it, Wladimir would have beat Aj if Emmanuel was on still alive and in his conner. Wladimir hold on to his punches for to long. He do not let his hands go. he would have won the fight over Aj, if we can let his hands go. that is one thing that wilder has. The conner makes all the difference. I know you will be back.

  4. He more then likely had a rematch clause in the contract. Joshua is pulling in so much money right now it's almost criminal not to take him up on that rematch for that last payday. And who knows he might win too. 😀

  5. I would so love to see Dr Steelhammer ramming his jab into Beyoncé Wilder’s big mouth a couple of hundred times…..and then capping him with a vicious left hook into sleepy time! It would also be fantastic if AJ was to get the Klitschko brothers working with him to step up his skills to another level….he’d be unbeatable then!

  6. WK vs AJ would do massive numbers, it would make millions so why not. also i believe WK has a very good chance against AJ. although i don't think he can beat fury or wilder but the rest he can.

  7. Wlad won't go near wilder, i'm sure of that. wilder might b the worst heavyweight champ ever in terms of technique but the man is wild, unpredictable with craaaaaazzzzzy power. he can ko any man, fact.

  8. Tyson 2fast fury retired you for good old man then the juice head got the credit for fighting broking old aj the fake chumpion Tyson 2fast fury is the real heavyweight champion of the world did the job on you klitchco

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