Kevin Hart Accused of Homophobia?, Nas Crowns Dave Chappelle G.O.A.T. of Comedy | Everyday Struggle

On Thursday’s (Sept. 5) episode of #EverydayStruggle, Nadeska, Wayno and DJ Akademiks start off the show discussing the recent teaser clip from HBO’s ‘THE SHOP’ where celebrities such as Kevin Hart, Lil Nas X, Rob Gronkowski, Kevin Love and more conduct a roundtable discussion about various topics. The crew weighs in on Hart’s reaction to Nas X’s comments and the backlash that has happened ever since the clip went viral. The cast also talks about the latest leaked clip of the episode where Hart appears to encourage Lil Nas to be himself. Soon after, the EDS crew discuss Nas’ recent Instagram post, where he praises Dave Chappelle and calls him the greatest comedian of all time today. Following this, Ak and Wayno highlight Brooklyn rapper 22Gz in this week’s segment of ‘Fast Break.’
To close out the show, the crew speaks on the current status of Bloc Boy JB in their ‘On The Clock’ segment and close out by answering a fan question about the impact of DJs in today’s culture.

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  1. Coming from a dj in Orlando fl it’s not that we don’t break records it’s just that the artist doesn’t want to do what it takes to get the song played. Is your song mastered have you talked to the dj, have you offered to pay the dj. And since we breaking records make sure you check out my guys mookboy and woop and tonii Boi all artist out of Orlando Florida hit me on ig at djkocki410.

  2. Ak you're wrong the common insult to rappers is not "you're gay" it's "you're clout chasing" let's face the facts gay people fought to be normal so long now that they're normal and they realize no cares about normal people they want the attention for being gay but no one CARES !!

  3. Lil x seems like he was planted in hip hop by the higher ups… They know the gay agenda in the black community is being pushed mfs been straddling the line and he just created a bold one

  4. Just because you differ and don't agree with homosexuality, you labeled homophobic, phobia is a fear, what if your morals are one of a godly principle… Ppl should have the right not to support or agree with this.

  5. I have a gay brother, i love him as my brother but can't support a life style that stops reproduction especially of young Israelite Kings&queens… The imagery is pushed on our young kids at an alarming rate, remove the "black man(Hebrew king) from the home so the streets can raise him, then he goes to jail , possibly victimized there etc … We need to stand strong and if you're a homosexual man, i don't hate you so don't take it in that way. I'm just pro life.

  6. The last thing we need is straight black men having to explain this situation.

    What Kevin hart said is equivalent to a white person saying I have friends of color… so what.

    That’s the problem.

  7. Dj Akademic Complex it sneakingly taking all your followers. You need to focus on your own craft. You hardly post any context on your channel. I am a Jamaican and happy to see a Jamaican making a place in the hip hop culture. Focus on your craft man. Don’t let the “MAN” take your creativity from you for their own gain.


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