Kevin Durant | WCF Game 2 Press Conference

“I take full responsibility for the start of the game. After that, it was just contagious. I can’t start off the game like that.”

Kevin Durant reflects on the Warriors loss in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. KD had 38 points.


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  1. The rockets played excellent. It seemed like GS was over confident in the beginning, like we are gonna win just because we are here. After tonight, idk who is going to win this series.

  2. Splash brothers became brick brothers but kd effort need full praise. Kd played like mj or kobe tonight as despite winning game 1 he went to finish the houston , too bad Stephanie didnt get her dress shorted out in whole game.

  3. This man is ruining warriors offence, it should run through curry not this stats hungry 6'11 monster.
    Playing iso and not moving the ball just to make name for himself.

  4. I don't comprehend the hatred directed at Kevin. Credit the man for making a decision that he was happy with. It was a smart decision, too given the cohesion and efficiency the Warriors play with compared to that of the Thunder. Stylistically, the Warriors are best suited for Durant than the Thunder. In addition, I think Kevin thrives more in a system like the Warriors which prioritizes off ball movement, screens, cuts, etc. as opposed to the monotonous, stagnant flow of Iso ball. Sure, in a competitive standpoint, it may seem unfair but organized sports are unpredictable.

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